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PVDF ACP is used ally fluoride as basis, and combined with pigment, alcohol ester solvent and mixed solvent. It has strength weather resistance and its molecular structure closely in the coating after high temperature. PVDF coatings can be divided into two types: traditional PVDF and nano PVDF based on surface film structure.

Fluorocarbon coating:
Fluorocarbon Aluminum composite panel is made with fluorine enyne as the basic monomer, mixed with fluorocarbon resin, paint, alcohol ester solvent and accessory ingredients. The molecular structure in the coating becomes compact after being high baked to create a filmwhich has extra strong weather resistance../to create an extra weather resistant film.
The fluorocarbon coating falls into conventional fluorocarbon coating or nano fluorocarbon coating according to the structure of film formation on the surface.
A.Conventional fluorocarbon is made of KYNAR500 fluorocarbon and is solidified to create the film on the surface after three coats and three bakes. It is acid and alkali resistant, standing the test of severe environment, and has no abnormal depigmentation for 15 to 20 years. It is more suitable for exterior decoration of architectures and curtain wall decoration of major constructional projects that have high demand for weather resistance.
B.Nano fluorocarbon is made of matured fluorocarbon surface processed with an additional coating of stain resistant layer added with nano materials. The coating after film formation has an extra low surface tension, which is stain resistant and can clean its surface coating simply by natural rain washing.




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